What are the ducks?

The ducks are an NFT collection of 10,000 ducks that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each duck was unboxed and are all on their own little adventures!

  • Traits

    Each duck is 100% unique and randomly generated from a pool of fun traits such as hats, accessories, eyewear, and more!

    Some traits appear more than others so keep an eye out for the ultra rare traits! No two ducks are alike and each one has it's own personality and charm.

    There are over 10 billion combinations given the trait pool for the ducks. So each of them will have a unique character.

    The first 1,000 ducks will mint free and the remainder will be 0.001Ξ each.

  • Duck Types

    The ducks come in different species, each with their own rarity level ranging from the common rubber ducky to the legendary ascended ducks!

    Seek out the rarest ducks possible, find the duck that fits your style, or collect them all!

    The ducks were made with the collectors, the NFT enthusiasts, and the NFT newbies all in mind.

  • Roadmap

    Presale is opening 5/1/22, public sale will open 5/3/22, and reveal will be 5/8/22. I wanted to keep the roadmap short and not promise anything I wouldn't be able to deliver.

    Many ideas for utility, nothing set in stone except for launch right now.

    The ducks, are just the cutest, most adorable, most lovable duck PFPs on the planet for right now.


Duck Types

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  • Duck_time

    Driven by curiosity and a search for understanding.

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